Property Management

Lemor Realty Corp. has over a quarter of a century experience successfully managing and leasing a diverse portfolio of real estate properties including Market Rate, Tax Credit and Home apartments. Our real estate property management clients include banks and senior housing providers, and we also serve as court-appointed receivers for a number of properties.

Real Estate Property ManagementOur Philosophy
Our success stems from a real estate property management philosophy that is simple and to the point.  We provide hands on service to all our residents, but we don’t take a cookie cutter approach. Instead, we manage each property according to its own unique nuances. At Lemor, we identify the nuances and incorporate them into a property-specific plan for clean and safe housing. Then we test and tune the plan according to the feedback obtained from residents, staff and members of the community during regular site visits.

At Lemor Realty, we manage all our properties with the goal of providing a safe and pleasant housing environment while maintaining a sustainable asset. Because of our diverse experience and wide-ranging relationships throughout the real estate industry, we are confident we can guarantee success for Lemor property management of your real estate, too.

To discuss Lemor management services for your property, call 212-281-2714 or email us for an appointment.